Made by hand

So today, on our country's busiest shopping day, I hope that you are at home, with family, enjoying time together and not at some crazy sale that started at 4am.

Instead this holiday season (and for the new year) please buy handmade, make handmade, support handmade, gift handmade, spread the word about handmade.

It's easy.

To take the pledge, just click on this button:

Then tell your family that holiday gifts this year need to be made my hand. It will make you feel better. It will make your pocket book feel better. And its good for the earth too. My favorite places to buy handmade are local holiday craft fairs, Alameda Flea Market, Waldorf School Winter Fairs (check your local school) and of course Etsy.

Making something this year, that you can share?

Send us an email with a photo and we'll post as many as we can. Send email to repurposedplayground@googlemail.com

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