Kasper kommt nach Amerika

{reposted from October}

...or in English: Jester comes to America

He arrived, all tattered and tired, after his first international flight last summer.

I found him at the local Troedelmarkt - the German equivalent of a weekend flea market. Part professionals, part the kids from next door, everyone was out selling something. I spotted him and his comrades, with tattered clothes and smelling of forgotten attics and boxes that stand too long in damp basements. But I had a vision.

It took a few months and it took Emily - for without her, none of this would have happened.

There is a crocodile and a princess, a policeman and a king. And of course, a grandma too.

If you are interested in the history of Kasper and his merry troupe, click here

And besides, you can't have puppet theaters without puppets!

Come back Tuesday, for the rest of the merry crew...

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