I saw it's potential...

I mentioned the rummage sale I couldn't resist a few weekends ago. I schlepped this rather sad ottoman/stool/pouf home with me in the rain, because for $3 who could resist.

When I pulled it out to reupholster, my husband replied, "What are you planning for this thing? You must have seen it's potential because this is uuugglyy."


Another rainy weekend later and a fruitless trip to a nearby fabric store (trips to fabric store no longer feasible with one fast and clever 19 month old hooligan), I came home lamenting that nothing I try to do these days works the way I want it to. Once over my self-indulgent pity party, I combed through my box of fabrics and what do you know, found just the perfect thing.

I ended up using this old Pottery Barn twin bedskirt and part of a chair cover of the same pattern that I knew I would never use. I love using bedskirts and curtain panels for projects because you can use the finished seams to your advantage.

I took it all apart, even the hinges and the upholstery tacks on the inside of the lid.

A massive amount of staples later, and I am extremely happy with the outcome.


  1. Love it! Great job. I love seeing the potential others question.