Choo Choo: Part I

One very chewed on board book

Plus 4 rattan baskets found at Urban Ore for 99 cents each

Plus 1 Lack coffee table from Ikea

Plus 4 cans semi-gloss spray paint, my favorite whole punch, a handful of cable binders, a few gobs of museum putty and one stellar train set.


A train table that doesn't look like train table and can be converted into an art or play dough or coffee table in less than 3 minutes.

Plus, everything gets hidden in the baskets below - with images so this little nugget will know what goes where. In theory that is.

Lessons learned from this project:

1. It always takes more spray paint than you think.

2. Just spray painting something is not easy as it looks on HGTV - it takes a really long time.

3. And it smells really bad (and it atrocious for Mother Earth) - I might need to think of another solution.

4. Museum putty was great idea but did not withstand turbo toddler terminator. He hasn't discovered one track - which is keeping the whole thing attached to the table. Please, do not use because it is not baby safe.

5. Cable binders may just be one of the world's greatest inventions. Ooh, the uses are endless!

This is only Part I. I usually don't post until a whole project is done, but this one is going to take a bit longer than usual. And anyway, its supposed to be a Christmas present.

When the reinforcements (woodworking uncles and artist grandma) arrive for the holidays, we'll do Part II and make this a train table worth writing about!

So stay tuned...

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