What kind of a sale?

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I love when my foreign raised husband hasn't heard a word that I use. It makes me think about the word, where it came from and why it means what it means.

When my 20 minute trip to Whole Foods turned into 40, I had to explain that I had been tempted by a rummage sale at the Buddhist center next door. And since I was baby free, I took the opportunity. Because I certainly can not resist a rummage sale.

The word rummage means to "engage in an undirected or haphazard search, to examine minutely and completely and to discover by searching". Then I actually learned that a rummage sale actually describes "a sale of donated and mixed goods for a charity". I certainly wasn't undirected - more minute and complete I would say. I am pretty good at doing a once over and finding a gem or two amongst the mountains of crap. I love the uncertainty of what you might find and the possibility that you may walk away empty handed.

A few kids books and a pouf that needs a make over later, I praised myself for not getting the silver candy stand and white porcelain soup/egg nog serving dish. I'll take my chance and go back tomorrow...when it's all 50% off!

How about you - can you resist a rummage sale?

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