Just add water

Here's the thing: I need activities. I need things to do with my oh so inquisitive little man. And though we manage to make it to a music class and a play date and maybe even some swim time, there is still so much time left in the week.

Inspired by my mother-in-law's garden this summer in Germany, I took it upon myself to give this green thumb thing a try. And at our new rented house, we have more garden than I know what to do with and it all needed a bit of TLC. So I chose a small plot, gave myself a budget and my Garten Zwerg (garden gnome) and I went to town.


I plant, he waters. But how is this a repurposed project you ask? Well, instead of running to Target or Home Depot or our local nursery to spend money on pots and plants, I picked through the abandoned containers at my moms house and came away with more than I could use. And since we are renting, the money I spent on plants is not lost - I will be able to move the planters with us!

So, a few old pots from my mom, a few new plants and a bag of bark mulch, and you get a mini garden plot that looks like this and endless hours of watering fun.


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