A nugget sized room.

It took some getting used to - not having the nugget down the hall, just feet away from our kitchen, bathroom and living room (which my husband and I were also calling the master suite). When you live in a one bedroom apartment and you have a baby and at one point you want to sleep through the night, you yourself move into the living room. And you laugh every night as you get settled on the pull out couch when you realize the tiny person has your bedroom, all to himself.

Now he has his room, all to himself, with a bed for me on the occasional night when he needs me close by. It is the first room I finished putting together completely since we moved - and I will admit that it is more for me, than for him. But with every new habit, like cuddling into the corner pillows to read his books at night or noticing the pink plastic flamingos in the neighbors yard every morning, I realize that this space is his and my control over it will be short lived.

For now, you can imagine my delight in its creation.

My inspiration for this room and our first shared bedroom - this tiny Babar pillow, bought on etsy in a moment of new motherhood haze. A mixture of used and new, craigslist and IKEA, flea markets and ebay, the room is aligned with my intentions to keep things simple and to buy used, whenever possible.

I knew from the beginning that I would be mindful of the stuff of new parenthood - gadgets and devices and things and more things accumulate until you don't have a hand free to actually hold your baby. From my first nesting instinct I created Project Baby in an effort to stop the stuff. When you live in less than 700 sq feet, you are forced to keep the stuff to a minimum regardless of intent. Now that we were moving to a house with 3 bedrooms, the plan would stay the same. For this new room, I bought the carpet and the twin mattress set - the rest made the move with us across the bridge.

On the back of the door, hangs a coat rack that is a tad over 30 years old. On the last wagon, in black paint, is my name. Didn't know that this would be so perfect for my train-obsessed toddler. Guess I have my mom to thank, for keeping everything.

Stay tuned for the rest of the week, where I show before + after photos of all the DIY projects from the nugget's room.

where to buy:

Ruler Growth Chart by Addie's House, Hemmet Rug by IKEA, Malm 4 drawer dresser by IKEA {bought on craigslist}, Gulliver Crib by IKEA {bought on craigslist}


  1. This is lovely! May I ask what type of surface that ruler decal is mounted on? I would like to make something similar for my little fellow.

  2. Hi Vanessa - Thanks! Its on a piece of painted pine. Any piece of wood would do. I got what the decal recommended...you can find it here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/62356748/ruler-growth-chart-vinyl-decal