Christmas in October

Yes, Christmas was on my brain in October. Only because I knew I had to start this.

Step 1: Buy balls at Scrap, a whole box full for $10

Step 2: Set up Craft Night with dear friend (who is now also a mom and we never get to see each other the way we used to). Then, put on husband's calendar as he will be on nugget duty.

Step 3: Empty the box of balls and separate the colors, so that you can start to visualize a color palette.

Step 4: Pick your balls. The dull ones, the shiny ones, the small ones, the big ones, just pick them all. Once you have a solid pile and a color scheme that you are happy with, go for it.

Step 5: Be patient, be patient, be patient. Hot glue is a wonder tool, but it takes time to dry. And if you hurry, the balls will either fall out of place, fall on the floor and shatter into a million places or a drop of boiling hot glue will drop on your finger and it will still hurt after three days. So be patient - take it as a practice in mindfulness or make it a crafting meditation. Whatever works for you.

Step 6: Stop when you are tired or getting uninspired or at a loss of what ball to place next. My partner in this crafty caper had the space for us to leave everything as is. I left my half-completed wreath and headed home.

Step 6: Start where you left off, with a renewed energy for getting this baby done!

Step 7: Hold it up and let someone look at it - checking for gaps and holes or imbalances. It helps to know what end is up, though this can change once you have held it up.

Step 8: Step away, you are done. Don't overdo it. Less could very well be more.

Step 9: Store it away from little tiny hands and careless husbands.

Step 10: Hang your mighty creation in time to say "Happy Holidays"

Check back in December when I do my holiday decorating.

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