Doo doo

First I go drop of a bag of collected things we no longer use and rifle through the 18 month boy rack. Sometimes I find something, sometimes I don't. This, time - gold mine.

Then I take my patient and waiting nugget next store to the play version of Chloe's Closet. And what does he do? He walks straight to the Doo Doos. That means Schoo Schoo which means train in case you weren't sure.

And inevitably there is always a bigger, older boy already at the well loved train table. But I let them figure it out - they usually do. Today I had to intervene a bit as the bigger older boy was clearly hording every single Thomas and then grabbing what the nugget did have right out of his hands. But we made it work.

So the nugget got to play, I got to shop and we both left, mostly satisfied.

Chloe's Closet is by far my favorite used kids store. I come all the way over the Golden Gate Bridge once a month to take a look. I love that I can drop off a bag or two without an appointment, that they will donate what they don't want and that they also take women's clothes. Their staff is always happy and helpful. And of course, I have to love the Doo doo.

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