So I am no better at baking then I am at cooking. I wish I were. But I am only going to take on one place for improvement, so baking will have to wait.

And then I stumbled upon the recipe for faux homemade chocolate chip cookies, via Lisa Quinn in her new book "Life is too short to fold fitted sheets". I think this is my kind of baking. The recipe goes something like this: favorite chocolate chunk cookie dough, one bag chocolate chips, one bag walnuts. Cover in the latter. Follow directions on packaging. And 12 minutes later - viola!

Please, if you are a baker, don't be offended at my use of prefab cookie dough - I would rather have done everything from scratch and organically, but I am reserving all my energy for the pumpkin soup I am making for our Halloween party on Sunday.

Just FYI, the recipe is on page 142

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