and one to grow on...

There is some extreme irony in the fact that I choose to start about blog about handmade and repurposed projects: I am really impatient. Really impatient.

And besides tape, scissors and a bit of creativity, projects take patience. And since I choose the DIY Growth Chart instead of another that I liked (click here for my other Etsy favorites), I challenged myself to actually do this project well. Which meant, slowly.

It took time - a week in fact to sand and fully paint the untreated pine, wait for it to dry and then apply the vinyl decal. That part took about 30 minutes and was completed with the help of some some tiny little person hands.

Vinyl ruler decal {Abbie's House}
6 ft piece of pine
Paint {used left over color from our kitchen trim}
Masking tape

And I am SO very happy with the outcome! I love this growth chart. And I love that when we move from this house we're renting to something we own, it will move with us.

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