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this project took longer than i thought. but i was pregnant and determined to carry out my vision. and what vision was that: the create a shared bedroom for us and baby, that was soft and gentle and warm and cozy and welcoming to a baby but totally aesthetically pleasing to me. i was determined to stay away from traditional nursery decor and the idea to create a wall mural of the nugget's family just wouldn't leave my mind.

i collected all the old pictures of myself, my husband and our brothers and then between scrap, good will and the flea market found a solid assortment of wooden frames. i painted them all white, found glass pieces at scrap for those who no longer had glass, took some heavy duty letterpress card stock from the recycling bin at work and started to cut and paste.

for less than $20, the photo gallery was complete!

and then we moved.

but it was an easy transfer - and his new room has the perfect nook for a changing area, so it made setting the whole thing up a snap.

and now at 18 months, he looks with wide eyed bewilderment when i point to the picture of a blond little girl with the goat and say "mama."

where to buy:
old wood frames at your local goodwill store, letterpressed bear poster by dutch door press, elephant bank by pottery barn kids, curtain panel by urban outfitters

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