a room with a view



and the side after as well

in may we moved into a rental house with space and a back yard and a jungle of a garden that surrounds the whole house. but its a rental and i just can't get myself to spend and time or money on something that doesn't belong to us. but i like to be surrounded by beauty, so i have allowed myself to concentrate on one little space: the space outside our kitchen window that i look at the most.

the old bbq pit was looking sad so i let that be my focus. i took some unused garden pots from my mom's house, bought a few at urban ore and found the rest amongst the things i had in the garage and viola! my first garden.

the question is, if i can keep it alive.

any suggestions for those of you who are pros?

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  1. Sunday is a perfect day for reading blogs. I re-read all of them. It made it a good day today! It keeps me close.