A clever idea for a dress

simply cotton dress
vintage embroidered tea towel

I had a baby boy last year but that doesn't mean that I am not wildly excited about the really cute things that I see for baby girls.

Usually I can simply enjoy and move on, or I tell me friend who has a little girl and she spends the money. This dress however, I had to buy.

Do you blame me?

I found it at the Lovely Bump, a resale store for mamas and babes, just south of San Francisco. It has her label in it - so I am not sure if it is made my the owner or just for her store.

So for those of you with little girls, some sewing skills and vintage fabrics laying around, have fun!


  1. This reminds me, a friend used to make peasant skirts by sewing vintage calendar tea towels together, side by side. The finished product was a big full, gathered skirt that you could wear supported by a cotton petticoat.

  2. Yes, I've seen that idea for a little girls onesie. If you have a picture, send it my way!