A clever idea for a dress

simply cotton dress
vintage embroidered tea towel

I had a baby boy last year but that doesn't mean that I am not wildly excited about the really cute things that I see for baby girls.

Usually I can simply enjoy and move on, or I tell me friend who has a little girl and she spends the money. This dress however, I had to buy.

Do you blame me?

I found it at the Lovely Bump, a resale store for mamas and babes, just south of San Francisco. It has her label in it - so I am not sure if it is made my the owner or just for her store.

So for those of you with little girls, some sewing skills and vintage fabrics laying around, have fun!


Room to grow

Since we're in a rented house, I can't very well start marking up the door frame every time the nugget grows an inch. So I thought I'd do some shopping on etsy, just to see what I could find.

And my favorites are:

The Measure Me Stick, $120

Sprout Growth Chart, $60

123 Grow with Me, $52

Canvas Growth Chart "Elefunt", $39.99

Ruler Growth Chart, $12

As you can see, I am not really into monogrammed or customized and though the selection for vinyl decal growth charts is extensive, I gravitated more towards the simple.

And the winner - I ordered the Ruler Growth Chart for its simplicity and the price. I really loved the Measure Me Stick but it is outside my budget for this little project.

I'll post again when its up!


a room with a view



and the side after as well

in may we moved into a rental house with space and a back yard and a jungle of a garden that surrounds the whole house. but its a rental and i just can't get myself to spend and time or money on something that doesn't belong to us. but i like to be surrounded by beauty, so i have allowed myself to concentrate on one little space: the space outside our kitchen window that i look at the most.

the old bbq pit was looking sad so i let that be my focus. i took some unused garden pots from my mom's house, bought a few at urban ore and found the rest amongst the things i had in the garage and viola! my first garden.

the question is, if i can keep it alive.

any suggestions for those of you who are pros?


elephant, simply

image via bloesem

i love everything about the images from this swedish home featured on one of my favorite blogs, bloesem. i love that its a family space - where adults and kids obviously live in harmony, without too much stuff or too many branded toys!

but this re:purposed dresser is by far my favorite! and it wouldn't be so hard to re:create something like this - even for those of who don't think you are very crafty!

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