for the nugget...

I know, it's August. And Christmas is really far away. But I keep my eyes open all year round for great gifts - and if I see something really perfect, I usually get it and then by Thanksgiving, holiday shopping is nearly complete.

But now we're in No Spend August, so I am limited to window shopping. Or catalog shopping. And since all the catalogs from the last tenant are coming to our house still, I let myself indulge.

And yesterday the catalog from Sensational Beginnings arrived. Cool stuff for kiddos - I even got a "Oh, that is awesome!" from my husband. But I know - these are new and this blog is all about buying used. But inspiration comes from everywhere and occasional splurges on really cool new things makes them even more special! And besides, I am hoping maybe they'll turn up on ebay or craigslist at some point!

Here's the wishlist:

Deluxe Garage Set

Design & Drill Power Drill Workshop

City Train Set

{Okay, I caved. I broke the rules and its only been No Spend Month for 5 days. I just ordered the train set. It's a really good deal. And we are building a train table for the nugget for Christmas. And the used sets on Ebay sell for $75+. And yes, this is one big fat justification. I know. Forgive me.}

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