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there are a few things that i am really proud of. my work as a visual manager for anthropologie in one of them. it was a short assignment, but it was a dream come true.

i pulled theses images out of my portfolio. i thought of them as i was envisioning what to do with the garden space i am going to work on.

let's see what i come up with...


random roadside toadstool

Not sure how they got there or why, but it's a pretty cute idea. An old lamp shade, some red paint and some circles cut from tissue paper or felt and viola! Put it on a white base for a nursery or playroom lamp or add some ribbon and you have the makings for a clever Halloween costume.

Inspiration is everywhere!


frozen treats

equals this

do i need to say much more?

i found the vintage tupperware popsicle sticks on etsy at funky junky vintage.


for the nugget...

I know, it's August. And Christmas is really far away. But I keep my eyes open all year round for great gifts - and if I see something really perfect, I usually get it and then by Thanksgiving, holiday shopping is nearly complete.

But now we're in No Spend August, so I am limited to window shopping. Or catalog shopping. And since all the catalogs from the last tenant are coming to our house still, I let myself indulge.

And yesterday the catalog from Sensational Beginnings arrived. Cool stuff for kiddos - I even got a "Oh, that is awesome!" from my husband. But I know - these are new and this blog is all about buying used. But inspiration comes from everywhere and occasional splurges on really cool new things makes them even more special! And besides, I am hoping maybe they'll turn up on ebay or craigslist at some point!

Here's the wishlist:

Deluxe Garage Set

Design & Drill Power Drill Workshop

City Train Set

{Okay, I caved. I broke the rules and its only been No Spend Month for 5 days. I just ordered the train set. It's a really good deal. And we are building a train table for the nugget for Christmas. And the used sets on Ebay sell for $75+. And yes, this is one big fat justification. I know. Forgive me.}


a nugget sized tower

My new favorite thing: The Learning Tower from Little Partners. While we were away and I got to catch up on my blog reading, I stumbled upon some post somewhere that raved about this clever contraption. And I knew right away that this would be perfect for my oh so curious little man.

So I posted a "Wish to Buy" post onto my local mom's network and sure enough I found a mom willing to part with her well loved tower. With one string: that in 2-3 years she could potentially buy it back from me when her 3 month old is ready to use it. I of course agreed - because this is really what we should be doing with all of our baby and kid stuff. All of it.

And immediately, it was a hit. And indeed, it took him less than 24 hours to figure out how to climb up onto it. He is still working on the dismount though. But as you can see, he mixed his first bread batter today. And I made dinner, without the tugging at my pant legs.

One used learning tower, one baby who can now see what is going on and one calm and un-frazzled mama. Priceless.


A penny saved...

piggy bank available here on etsy

How does the saying go again..."A penny earned is a penny saved?"

As CFO of this new family of three, I have decided that August is going to be a No Spend Month. This is not an original idea but in the past year when I have been inspired by other bloggers who were committing to the same, it always felt like there was something that we "needed" to buy that kept me from jumping on the bandwagon.

Well, we are jumping on it this month. The move is over, the vacation has come and gone and before the circus of the holidays begins it felt like August was the perfect time to sit back, think, and make a plan.

So the no spending plan goes like this: no personal purchases of any kind that are not necessities. No extra craft projects, no deals on sale, no toys or clothes for the nugget, no Etsy purchases, nada. Groceries, gas, diapers, babysitting, exercise classes and date nights are allowed. Business expenses are also exempt to this rule (as my husband owns his own business and works often from home), though they are under strict scrutiny. Scrutiny by me.

So there you have it. This is going to be hard. But in a commitment to organize our finances and work on creating our version of financial serenity, this is a good test.

I will keep you posted...