Co-sleeping, sort of. When you live in less than 700 square feet and then you have a baby, there are things that just sort of happen, out of necessity. I am a supporter of having your baby in the same room with you in the first early weeks or months, so with only bedroom, it was easy to implement.

Our shared bedroom took on many transformations in the last year. First the nugget slept in the bed with us, then he moved to a Arms Reach Co Sleeper Mini, at the foot of the bed, then I managed to squeeze in the IKEA Gulliver crib (which I found on craigslist in brand new condition) and then he slept through the night. All night, every night.

And we slept on the pull out couch in the living room.

The rest of the room is a mixture of flea market finds and clever purchases on craigslist. I needed it to feel grown-up and peaceful for me - as I would be spending a whole lot of time in there. I kept the stuff to a minimum, kept the colors simple and the lights low.

For the glider re:do, click here
For the mobile re:do, click here
For the dresser re:do, click here
For the Schnook re:do, click here

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