not charlie brown's tree

This is our first Christmas with a baby in the house. I was inspired to start thinking about kid friendly decorations. Wood, straw, felt, pine cones - nothing little fingers can break. And there you have, a small little modern rustic tree.

sources: glitter starfish {local holiday craft fair but easy to make}, felt gnomes {cost plus world market}, wooden snowflakes {a gift from a friend}, pine cones on string {local craft store but easy to make}, wool embroidered animals + balls {cost plus world market}, antique candle holders {alameda flea market}, candles {german market in san francisco}, gnome tree skirt {ebay - it was a table cloth that i cut myself}


i scream, you scream...

for this old ice-cream box!

i think this is my favorite re:purposed wrap so far! i saw these boxes at one of my favorite eclectic stores on haight street and i couldn't pass them up. a mere $1 a box, it was perfect for my secret santa gift.

a added some lace ribbon, a velvet flower and a edge piece cut from a chinese bookmark. i have to admit i actually liked the packaging better than the gift i gave - that's okay isn't it?


recycled wrap

I have so many scraps of this and that lying around. Amazing that I am on my 3rd Christmas without buying one roll of paper.


$10 the lady said...

and i just smiled and handed her the $10 bill from my wallet.

when i got outside to the car, i think i cheered.

here's the thing with scrap, you never know how much something is going to cost until you get to the counter. sometimes its higher than you thought, sometimes lower, though it always seems more than fair. and you learn not to argue - it is what it is.

this time however, i think i made out like a bandit. a happy, gleeful, super-excited bandit!


i heart ribbon

oooh, i just love scrap.

all this velvety ribbon for about $3.

does it get any better than that?