About Alex

Convinced it was possible to have a baby without all the stuff, I bought many things used, graciously welcomed hand-me-downs and let myself splurge every so often. Going into the 2nd year of motherhood, I am still convinced this path is a good one.

I started blogging about favorite finds and navigating the first year of motherhood at maus + nugget.

I kept on blogging at a blog I called pause. which transitioned into project:haus in january 2012.

I love before and after pictures. I love furniture left on the sidewalk - though I really do lack the patience to do anything with it. I love going to the flea market by myself. I miss Domino. I don't like packaging and I don't like waste. I want people to buy better things, that they really care about instead of just buying more things. I utterly believe in Simplicity Parenting. I wish I had a big craft room, off limits to my inquisitive toddler, tiny newborn and husband. 

I wish had the sewing skills of my sister-in-law to be {Emily} whose creativity blows me away.

About Emily

I likes pianos, old musicals, dancing, trying new things, little people, hugs and green curry.

I love traveling, music, sewing, giving homemade gifts, cooking, her family, vintage clothing/fabric shopping, drawing

I love projects that push me to come up with creative ways to re-purpose items and create something new! One of my favorite projects in design school was making a child's garment out of an old article of clothing.

You can visit my website here