while nesting...



it is true that pregnancy is often accompanied by an extremely strong desire to get your home in order. i have always had a nesting reflex - but being pregnant and deciding to have our baby at home, put my nesting impulse into overdrive.

and with project baby as my guiding principle - i was on a mission to buy used and transform it into something just right.

i found a simple old Malm on craigslist, bought some paint, bought some decals at my oh so favorite japanese dollar store and there you have it. i bought a new changing pad and covers and it was the perfect height for a changing table/dresser combo.

not bad for $70.

where to buy:
IKEA Malm 4-drawer dresser {craigslist}, house decals {daiso}, natura paint {benjamin moore}, changing pad + terry cloth cover {babies r us}

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