Our own Velveteen Rabbit, kind of

Meet Schnook. He is about 37 years old. He belonged to my husband.

When I received him {from Germany}, after my mother-in-law cleaned out her basement, he was in a sad state of affairs. Full of holes, limp, one-eyed and looking totally pathetic. A perfect project for my pregnant nesting phase, he got a make-over.

I bought batting and filled him up. I sewed his holes by hand. I found 2 new leather button eyes at Mendel's on Haight Street (who have the BEST button collection I have seen). And ordered a green wool knitted doggie sweater from the internet. Yes, I said doggie sweater, as my knitting skills have never advanced past the straight lines of a scarf, and I figured I didn't need to knit something to feel satisfied with the end result. Priorities, remember.

So there you have him - his neck stands a bit straighter and he's just waiting for the little nugget to be old enough to find him lovable.

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