not charlie brown's tree

This is our first Christmas with a baby in the house. I was inspired to start thinking about kid friendly decorations. Wood, straw, felt, pine cones - nothing little fingers can break. And there you have, a small little modern rustic tree.

sources: glitter starfish {local holiday craft fair but easy to make}, felt gnomes {cost plus world market}, wooden snowflakes {a gift from a friend}, pine cones on string {local craft store but easy to make}, wool embroidered animals + balls {cost plus world market}, antique candle holders {alameda flea market}, candles {german market in san francisco}, gnome tree skirt {ebay - it was a table cloth that i cut myself}


i scream, you scream...

for this old ice-cream box!

i think this is my favorite re:purposed wrap so far! i saw these boxes at one of my favorite eclectic stores on haight street and i couldn't pass them up. a mere $1 a box, it was perfect for my secret santa gift.

a added some lace ribbon, a velvet flower and a edge piece cut from a chinese bookmark. i have to admit i actually liked the packaging better than the gift i gave - that's okay isn't it?


recycled wrap

I have so many scraps of this and that lying around. Amazing that I am on my 3rd Christmas without buying one roll of paper.


$10 the lady said...

and i just smiled and handed her the $10 bill from my wallet.

when i got outside to the car, i think i cheered.

here's the thing with scrap, you never know how much something is going to cost until you get to the counter. sometimes its higher than you thought, sometimes lower, though it always seems more than fair. and you learn not to argue - it is what it is.

this time however, i think i made out like a bandit. a happy, gleeful, super-excited bandit!


i heart ribbon

oooh, i just love scrap.

all this velvety ribbon for about $3.

does it get any better than that?



About Alex

Convinced it was possible to have a baby without all the stuff, I bought many things used, graciously welcomed hand-me-downs and let myself splurge every so often. Going into the 2nd year of motherhood, I am still convinced this path is a good one.

I started blogging about favorite finds and navigating the first year of motherhood at maus + nugget.

I kept on blogging at a blog I called pause. which transitioned into project:haus in january 2012.

I love before and after pictures. I love furniture left on the sidewalk - though I really do lack the patience to do anything with it. I love going to the flea market by myself. I miss Domino. I don't like packaging and I don't like waste. I want people to buy better things, that they really care about instead of just buying more things. I utterly believe in Simplicity Parenting. I wish I had a big craft room, off limits to my inquisitive toddler, tiny newborn and husband. 

I wish had the sewing skills of my sister-in-law to be {Emily} whose creativity blows me away.

About Emily

I likes pianos, old musicals, dancing, trying new things, little people, hugs and green curry.

I love traveling, music, sewing, giving homemade gifts, cooking, her family, vintage clothing/fabric shopping, drawing

I love projects that push me to come up with creative ways to re-purpose items and create something new! One of my favorite projects in design school was making a child's garment out of an old article of clothing.

You can visit my website here


For annabelle

A few pieces of scrap paper, a card from my stash and a bit of double-stick tape. And viola!

Japanese paper, vintage inspired letter gift wrap and 5x7 mailer box available at Papersource.


my namesake

There is a little girl who welcomed a little sister named Annabelle and so I decided she needed a little something with all the baby attention that would be happening. She and I share the same name. I figured she could use this wooden pin more than me.



Co-sleeping, sort of. When you live in less than 700 square feet and then you have a baby, there are things that just sort of happen, out of necessity. I am a supporter of having your baby in the same room with you in the first early weeks or months, so with only bedroom, it was easy to implement.

Our shared bedroom took on many transformations in the last year. First the nugget slept in the bed with us, then he moved to a Arms Reach Co Sleeper Mini, at the foot of the bed, then I managed to squeeze in the IKEA Gulliver crib (which I found on craigslist in brand new condition) and then he slept through the night. All night, every night.

And we slept on the pull out couch in the living room.

The rest of the room is a mixture of flea market finds and clever purchases on craigslist. I needed it to feel grown-up and peaceful for me - as I would be spending a whole lot of time in there. I kept the stuff to a minimum, kept the colors simple and the lights low.

For the glider re:do, click here
For the mobile re:do, click here
For the dresser re:do, click here
For the Schnook re:do, click here


always saying yes...

somehow word got around that i like doing crafty things. it means i often get requests to do the things that "require creativity". and usually, i always say yes...

this time it was easy to say yes. this was for the baby shower for good friends of ours who were expecting twins, at about the exact time as i was expecting one.

some poster board and fabric scraps later, this was the welcome sign for the front door!